Waddle app for families

Created by parents for parents

We have been taking a lot of photos of our daughter, and in just two years ended up with over 20,000 photos. Newborn photos, funny photos, sleepy photos, photos pooping... you name it, we got those. Then came grandparents and nanny and school teacher, everyone took even more photos and videos. Before you know it, we had thousands of records that no one had the time to look at again. A great story was coming together in isolation. We needed a better way.

We wanted a place where the best photos would live forever so when our daughter is older she could see them all, much like a shoe box of photos our grandparents had for their kids. This storage needed to be secure and last for a lifetime. We also didn't want thousands of baby photos to be exploited for advertising, like it happens on places like Facebook and Snapchat. "Private" should be obvious, and not a term explained with dozens of pages of privacy law. Lastly, grandparents and great grandparents all wanted to see these precious moments and we needed a simple way to deliver.

We had a technology startup before, but instead of going the glorious route of Venture Capital funding, it made more sense to build a company that would last forever. We wanted something meaningful, a company that matters to us and that would make you smile. Waddle was born.

We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.
- Kirill and Jennifer.